AI in Education

We use AI to raise achievement and to improve the learner experience. Our offer includes:

  • Moodle plug-in: AI First Draft  uses AI to generate the first iteration of an answer to a question. Learners amend and refine the answer, with all the changes being tracked, before submitting it to the teacher for marking. Click here to view a video
  • Moodle plug-in: AI MarkIT  uses AI to mark short-answer questions and provide rich formative feedback. The feedback can be delivered directly to the learner, or sent via the teacher for confirmation. Our solution, that we customised for BCS, won the Best Formative Assessment project at the e-Assessment awards in 2024
  • Learning modules for learners to help them understand AI and how to use it responsibly and effectively.
  • Learning modules for teachers to make them aware of the future employment landscape that their learners will graduate into.

e-Assessment award winners

BCS (British Computer Society) recently won the 2024 e-Assessment award for “Best Formative Assessment Project”.  A key element of the project was the AI assessment marking tool (based on AI MarkIT) which Tintisha Technologies worked alongside BCS to produce. It has the potential to revolutionise how vocational learners are supported on functional skills as well as transforming programmes for professionals.

How can we help you

Why not contact us to discuss how we can help your learners and staff engage with AI as part of their learning experience.