Our services

Online learning resources

We are an award-winning company, with industry-leading experts in creating elearning resources that are highly interactive and engaging. Click here to learn more.

Learning management systems

Our systems deliver improved efficiencies by streamlining key processes involved in managing learning and learners. This leads to happier learners, lower dropout rates, improved efficiency and consequently increased margins. Click here to learn more.


Whether you’re looking for a simple website to promote what you offer, an online store, or a fully integrated web solution, Tintisha has the expertise to make that happen. Click to learn more.


Most of our clients trust us to provide their hosting. This choice ensures your server is set up exactly right for your site and you can be confident that all the security and back-up issues are addressed. Your server will be managed 24/7 with backups taken to a different secure location for added confidence.

Holistic support

We pride ourselves on being a supportive and flexible one-stop-shop for our clients to ensure that they get a headache-free complete solution, with a rapid return on their investment. Click here to learn more.